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Realize "Five Great Transitions" and Break through the Dilemma of Management

Realize "Five Great Transitions" and Break through the Dilemma of Management

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2013/03/29 17:41
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From January to February this year, the main revenue of our library dropped 26% year on year, which made us feel unprecedented pressure and challenge. In order to do a good job in this year's work and break through the predicament of management, we should take the "Eight Provisions" of the Central Committee as an opportunity to turn pressure into a driving force, adjust business ideas in a timely manner, speed up the pace of readjustment of passenger sources, innovate working methods with all our efforts, and make unremitting efforts for the overall stability of various business indicators. To this end, we need to achieve the "five major changes".
One is to realize a great change in ideas. We should pay more attention to the transformation from "asking for food from the government" to "asking for food from the government" and to market efficiency. With the deepening of China's reform, high-end hotels parasitized by government finance will be difficult to maintain. It is an indisputable fact that government official consumption should return to the status of middle-price consumption and rational consumption. Star-rated hotels will usher in a new round of shuffling, which is a new opportunity for the hotel industry, not a setback. Hotels will be more market-oriented - market-oriented investors, market-oriented business objectives, market-oriented consumer groups. Therefore, we must resolutely abandon the usual thinking and practice, further broaden the channels of private consumer sources, further practice the concept of "back-stage service for the front desk, front desk service for the guests, and the whole library service for the operation", and further promote standardized, professional and scientific management. All libraries should firmly establish the idea of "long-term tight life", work together to overcome difficulties, so as to adapt to the changing market as soon as possible. If we don't change or slow down, it's "boiling frogs in warm water", and we're not far from closing the door.
The second is to achieve a major change in the source of tourists. We should shift from paying attention to public consumption to paying attention to both public consumption and private consumption. Over the past three years, we have made remarkable achievements in the transformation of our customers, but compared with today's cruel reality, our market share is still small. We need to thoroughly adjust our business thinking and further accelerate the transformation to a passenger source structure dominated by private consumption and small and medium-sized conferences. The road of public funds consumption has become narrower and narrower, and the road of private consumption has not been fully opened. What are the new features of conference visitors? What are the new characteristics of private consumption? Generally speaking, it has returned from pursuing high-end consumption to rational consumption. At present, the meetings are small in scale, short in duration and strict in funding control. Nowadays, private consumption is characterized by economy, affordability and face. Private consumer markets, such as wedding banquets, birthday banquets, full moon banquets, teacher thanks banquets, classmate gatherings, comrade-in-arms gatherings, need our full efforts to develop. It is predicted that the wedding banquet reservation of star hotels will account for more than 75% of the whole wedding banquet market. In order to adapt to private consumption, we have decided to change the box on the second floor of the gourmet building into a multi-functional hall, which is mainly composed of large banquets, supplemented by meetings, and focuses on the private consumption market such as wedding banquets.
The third is to realize the great change of service. We should change from paying attention to VIP service to paying attention to both VIP service and public service. In view of the new market situation, we should improve the existing service content and mode. We want to provide standardized and professional services for our guests, while providing concise and affectionate services. The so-called simplification is fast, frugal and low-key. There were two rows of chairs for a working conference in one hall, which were attended by provincial leaders. Now, there are only four positions, and the provincial leaders have not participated. It would be inappropriate to set up the rostrum in the original way. In order to adapt to the current consumption characteristics, the zero-point restaurant on the first floor of the gourmet building should meet the needs of fast service. For example, according to the characteristics of the wedding banquet and birthday banquet, we should provide housekeeping services as well as standard services. If you communicate well with the guests before the banquet, provide free packing service. Special attention should also be paid to the care of the elderly and children to increase the number of baby chairs.
Fourthly, it is to realize a great change in management. It is necessary to shift from the single operation focusing on "recruiting the world fresh" to the three-dimensional operation focusing on all-round, multi-measures and quick response. The key point and key of management is marketing. At present, in the face of the new tourist market, we must take the principle of "laying down the stature, lowering the threshold, and supporting ourselves" and do a good job in business. We need to further improve the sales of group buying network, make excellent buffet, and make enough Hotel guests. To meet the needs of different guests, provide a rich and colorful menu. Such as business package, family menu, nutrition menu and children's menu. We should constantly improve the sales incentive system at different levels, such as sales staff, front-line employees and staff, so as to maximize the enthusiasm of employees to sell hotel products. After many studies, we have made a series of sales organizational punches: first, all sales bonuses, second, room sales products, third, catering sales surprises. Through various ways to make profits to customers, small profits and more sales, in order to achieve the goal of profit.
Fifth, it is a great change in management. We should shift from focusing on standardizing professional management to focusing on both standardizing professional management and scientific management. It is necessary to further tap the potential, practise hard the internal skills, and constantly improve the management level in order to cope with the complex market environment. We should constantly innovate working methods, focusing on strengthening the evaluation of department managers, improving the unified procurement management, reconstructing the training system, and conducting pilot service standardization. This year, although it is difficult for business income to make a greater contribution, the mining of profits has made a great contribution. We should do our best to expand the market.
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