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Learn from the Advanced and Strive to Make Contributions

Learn from the Advanced and Strive to Make Contributions

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2013/03/29 17:41
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Excellent employees, excellent grass-roots managers, excellent Department managers, excellent teams and excellent departments have been selected in 2012 and commended at the 7th Fourth Staff Congress of the hotel. In order to commend the advanced, set up a model, and encourage the staff to make contributions based on their own duties, they will publish their advanced deeds in two issues. The staff of the library should set an example for them, set off a wave of learning advanced, catching up with advanced and striving for advanced, and make their due contributions to the overall realization of the hotel's work plan in 2013.
Work must have a sense of responsibility
—— Zhang Renqiong, Excellent Staff of Human Resources Department
In November 2011, Zhang Renqiong changed her responsibility for the training of the whole library to the personnel and management of the whole library. Faced with new challenges, she went up to the top, through continuous exploration, learning, summary and practice, in a limited time, and made great efforts to study, rapidly growing into a skilled personnel worker.
Employees'wages, social insurance and employee management are the core work of grass-roots personnel. Zhang Renqiong carried out her work in a solid manner on the principle of being responsible for her work, others and history. In order to master the first-hand information skillfully, she tirelessly goes through the information again and again, checks all kinds of information, tries to have a good idea, and provides accurate personnel policies and related data for leaders at any time.
The phrase "work must have a sense of responsibility" has been internalized in Zhang Renqiong's mind as a quality, a kind of professional ethics, which shows that he is careful and responsible in his work. On snowy days, she stepped on a deep footprint to deal with work injuries for employees; in hot summer, she rode an electric bicycle to deal with contracts and insurance for employees; in the evening, she buried herself in the wage materials to adjust the wage base for employees.
She carefully deduces her beautiful life in this position without complaint or regret, and makes a dull and unexpected job tasty and colorful.
Aigang Professional Sales Manager
—— Liu Luqin, Excellent Staff of Marketing Department
Liu Luqin has been working in the hotel for 20 years. During this period, she started as a basic catering waiter and served as a catering foreman until she became a sales manager in marketing department.
In order to better carry out marketing work, Liu Luqin not only patiently and meticulously do a lot of cumbersome and large number of individual customer maintenance, but also carefully comb their customers, classify customers, whether to sign contracts, whether to renew contracts, all have a clear idea. In order to win more customers, whether it is hot or windy, she visits every unit and talks with customers one after another, never tires of it. With her sincerity and perseverance, the customers were moved by her dedication. From the initial understanding of our library to the last becoming a regular visitor of our library, all permeated with Liu Luqin's hard sweat. Liu Luqin has always been in line with the purpose of satisfying customers even with small consumption. She tries to communicate carefully beforehand and implement carefully afterwards. She often works overtime till late at night.
After six years of working in the marketing department, some units have become her most loyal customers, and she has been elected a quarterly sales star many times. In 2012, Comrade Liu Luqin's achievements reached 8.45 million yuan, a record high.
The demeanor of senior security guards
—— He Zhiwei, Excellent Staff of Security Department
He Zhiwei is an ordinary security guard who has worked in the library for nearly 20 years. He is skilled in business and has a strong sense of responsibility. He is able to handle all kinds of emergencies flexibly and plays an exemplary role as a senior security guard everywhere in front of new employees.
He Zhiwei takes his work seriously and responsibly, and has good professional ethics. During an inspection, he picked up two gold bars worth 20,000 yuan in the lobby bar of Building 3 and handed them to the assistant manager of the lobby immediately. When the guest receives the lost and recovered items, he not only receives the praise of the guest himself, but also wins the reputation of the hotel. He Zhiwei also has a good sense of security and responsibility. On October 2, last year, the fire alarm was triggered in Room 1219 of the hotel because the cigarette ends were not extinguished by the guests. When he received the fire order, he Zhiwei immediately rushed to the fire scene to participate in the fire fighting. He was the first one to enter the scene to check the fire situation by using his fire knowledge. Although the open fire had been sprayed out and extinguished, the room was covered with smoke, which could easily cause injury to people. So he immediately evacuated and prevented other people from entering the scene of the fire, avoiding unnecessary injuries. When the smoke was removed, he immediately participated in the work of drainage and removal, and made due contributions to saving the property losses of the hotel, reflecting the demeanor of a senior security guard.
A hard-working floor foreman
—— Cao Meiqin, Excellent Staff of Housekeeping Department
Cao Meiqin is a floor leader in the Housekeeping Department. Ward rounds are one of her daily tasks. In order to save the working time of employees and make up for their work omissions, Cao Meiqin always keeps the cloth in hand and does not let go of every dead corner of hygiene. For the stubborn stains in the room, she will repeatedly do experiments, find all kinds of decontamination information, find the most convenient and simple way, hand-to-hand to teach employees. It is common for Cao Meiqin to help guests sew buttons, ironing clothes and decocting traditional Chinese medicine. Once, she was on the night shift and met a drunken guest. After she approved the guest's room number according to the regulations, she helped the guest enter the room, took off his shoes, covered the quilt, prepared the slippers, garbage cans, water and paper towels needed, laid a towel in the bathroom, turned on the night light, and adjusted the air-conditioning to the appropriate temperature, then left the room and locked the door. It also deliberately reminds the staff on duty to pay attention to the guests. For this reason, she won the gratitude of the guests and the "repeat visitors" for the hotel.
Safety is the most important thing in the room work. She can always observe carefully when she is on the patrol. Late one night, when she was visiting the building, she smelled a burning smell and found that it came from the sterilizing cabinet waiting for the machine to work. She pulled down the switch and waited for the sterilizer to cool down before leaving. It was 1 a.m. Meeting room service is one of the reception tasks of the Housekeeping Department. The type of meeting room needs to be changed frequently. Cao Meiqin takes the lead in carrying tables and chairs with everyone to ensure meeting reception.
As a foreman, Cao Meiqin can timely adjust the emotions of the team members, so that everyone can work together, learn from each other's strengths and weaknesses, work in a seamless way, she tries to allocate working hours and personnel arrangements appropriately. Because of her hard work, she has won the unanimous praise of everyone and the satisfaction of the guests.
An unknown PA mechanic
—— Gong Bo, Excellent Housekeeping Staff
Gong Bo is a PA technician in the Housekeeping Department. At the end of 1999, he came to this position for more than ten years.
The main job of PA technicians is to clean carpets. In daily work, there will be a variety of carpet pollution, such as: oil pollution, chemical pollution and so on. Every time, Gong Bo will adopt different ways according to different situations and try his best to clean all kinds of stains adsorbed on the carpet. Due to the noise of vacuum cleaner, in order not to disturb guests, PA technicians work hours, the implementation of the morning shift and evening off "invisible service". But when festivals and guests stay less, PA technicians are busiest, there is a lot of cleaning work to do, while others rest and family reunion, Gong Bo is working overtime, cleaning carpets. He never complained and worked silently, gratified that he could smoothly remove all the stains on the carpet.
The Housekeeping Department is a department with more women and fewer men. When it comes to manual work, most of them are male employees. For example: moving tables and chairs, cleaning the rubbish under the bed, clearing the lampshade on the top of the hall, cleaning the snow at the entrance of the hall when it snows, and so on. Every time Gong Bo will take the lead and work hard with you.
For more than ten years, Gong Bo has respected leadership, United colleagues, obeyed organizational arrangements, never discounted his work, worked diligently and completed his work in obscurity, and won the unanimous praise of everyone.
Capable Restaurant Reservation Clerk
—— Record of Excellent Staff of Food and Beverage Department Xu Hong
Xu Hong has been working in hotels for more than ten years since she joined in 1998. She loves to work hard and is skilled in business. No matter how busy and tired she is, she always keeps a sweet smile on her face.
Because of her excellent work performance, Xu Hong adjusted to the position of reserve staff in the catering business department from 2006. In the new position, she studied hard, learned from the old staff modestly, and mastered the working process in a short time. Reservation desk belongs to the core position of catering department. It acts as a bridge between customers and hotels, and plays a coordinating role in internal upload and delivery. In line with the principle of "booking without trifles", Xu Hong earnestly receives and records the telephone bookings of every guest and marketing manager, comprehensively grasps the dining situation of the guests, and timely reports to the manager of the catering department, so that the Department can make timely preparations for reception and provide high-quality service for the guests. With her dignified and elegant appearance, warm and natural service attitude, gentle and friendly smile service, and coordinated body language, she makes the guests feel more cordial and natural.
Xu Hong also improves his business level and skills through continuous learning, and actively participates in all kinds of financial training and English training organized by hotels. In the hotel interior newspaper "Jiangxi Ganjiang Hotel Newsletter" can often see her articles, describing the hotel catering delicacies "Ganjiang gluttony" is her column, her manuscripts have won awards in hotel evaluation for many times, and have been reproduced by "Hotel World" magazine.
Kind old cook
—— Rong Genbao, Excellent Staff in Food and Beverage Department
Every morning at 7:00 and afternoon at 3:00, as long as you come to the kitchen on the second floor of the gourmet building, you can see a strong figure busy, he is the old chef Rong Genbao.
It has been 42 years since Rong Genbao entered the hotel catering department at the age of 16. He is the elder of the catering department. He sprinkled youth and sweat on the ordinary job of cook. During his 40 years of working career, he has been diligent, hard-working and complaining. He has never been late or early to leave. Because of his excellent work performance, he has been appraised as an excellent member of the hotel party and excellent staff.
Although Rong Genbao was not a graduate student, he practiced excellent basic skills and exquisite cooking skills with perseverance. In the cold winter, staying in the kitchen for a while feels slightly sweaty. But in summer, chefs have to face the high temperature of more than 40 degrees and work continuously for 2-3 hours. In addition to the constant actions of frying, frying, scooping, and cooking, they need not only arm strength, wrist strength, but also endurance and coordination. Without good physical strength, they can't stand it. Every day, Professor Ronggen Baoshi is responsible for cooking more than 700 employees'meals, which is known as "big pot dishes". He pays more hard work and sweat than others, often sweating through his clothes.
In order to ensure that employees can eat delicious dishes, he would come to the kitchen early every day to prepare for the meal. When he finished the work at hand and saw his colleagues busy, he would take the initiative to help, like a kind elder brother, his colleagues called him "Rong Brother".
Although there are still two years to go before Mr. Ronggen Bao retires, he leaves the post where he has devoted all his life. When asked about his feelings, he said with a simple smile: "Although my life is ordinary and ordinary, but never regret to go to the position of cook, I will really stand on the last shift earnestly."
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