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Online Booking

Online Booking

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The Hotel You Choose - Ganjiang Hotel in Jiangxi Province
1. Notice of Reservation
1. Fill in the order correctly
The contents of the order should be filled in accurately and in detail. Otherwise, the order can not be confirmed and the hotel will not be responsible for it.
2. How to confirm that the reservation has been completed
After the order is completed, the submission button must be selected before the order is formally transmitted to the hotel. But this does not mean that your reservation has been confirmed. Only when you receive a phone, fax or E-mail confirmation from the hotel, can your reservation be finally confirmed.
3. Check-in and check-out time
Room charges are based on "room/night". The check-in time is 04:00 a.m. and the check-out time is 14:00 p.m. the next day. Half-day room fee is charged for check-out from 14:00 to 18:00 the next day, and full-day room fee is charged for check-out after 18:00 the next day. The room charge for the night before 04:00 is charged.
4. Retention
If the arrival time is not specified on the order, the hotel will keep your room until 18:00 on the day of check-in, which will not be reserved when it is out of date.
5. On Amendments
All modifications, including the date of accommodation, the type of room, the number of rooms and the name of the guest, should be notified to the hotel by telephone, fax or E-mail in advance so that the hotel can rearrange them for you in time.
6. On Extension
All delays should be notified to the hotel by telephone, fax or E-mail. Otherwise, the hotel will not be responsible for the losses caused.
7. Your rights and responsibilities
The Hotel promises to check in as scheduled after confirming your reservation, otherwise the loss will be borne by the hotel. At the same time, you also have a corresponding commitment to your booking, such as the loss caused by your non-residence will be borne by you.
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