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Hotel Introduction

Hotel Introduction

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Ganjiang Hotel (Jiangxi Provincial People's Government Hostel) is a four-star tourist hotel affiliated to the provincial government office and the Provincial Airport administration. It is a designated hotel for official business travel, accommodation and conference reception of the Central Party and government organs in Nanchang.
Located at 138 Bayi Avenue, Nanchang City, is located in the downtown business circle, adjacent to the bustling Bayi Square, convenient transportation, 5 minutes from the railway station, 45 kilometers from the Changbei Airport, half an hour from the gate, there are many buses passing by.
Established in 1949, the hotel covers an area of 26416 square meters and has a courtyard layout with strong gardening style in the south of the Yangtze River. Provide guest room, catering, business, entertainment, product display, beauty, tea, shopping, tourism, parking, car rental and other services. It has 310 rooms with free broadband and WiFi services. More than 70% of the rooms are equipped with computers. There are 17 large and medium-sized conference rooms, 140 parking spaces and more than 1100 dining rooms.
Over the years, the hotel has made great efforts to improve the level of hotel management professionalization, and carefully built Ganjiang, a regional hotel brand in Jiangxi Province, which has achieved remarkable economic and social benefits. Hotels have won many honorary titles such as "China Hotel Venus Award", "Jiangxi Provincial Health Management A Level Unit" (currently the highest level in the province), and "Jiangxi Provincial Civilization Unit".
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